Understand the benefits of LED lighting with Maplin

What are the benefits of LED lighting?

You’ve probably heard that LED lighting is a better choice than conventional lighting. But why? What exactly are the benefits?
Maplin are here to help you understand the power of LED lighting.


Benefits of LED lighting
Eco friendly
Unlike most fluorescent lamps on the market, LED lights contain no toxic chemicals. By using LED lighting, you can help to reduce your carbon footprint by up to a third, so make the green choice for both yourself and your customers.
No UV emissions
Have you ever felt the heat coming out of a traditional lightbulb? In comparison, LED lights produce an incredibly small amount of UV emissions, making them cooler and far more efficient to use.
Can be used in a range of temperatures
Whether it’s the middle of winter or during yet another heatwave, LED lights work well in a variety of temperatures. So, if you’re looking to illuminate your garden or any other outdoor space, they are ready to do the job!
Longer life

Traditional lighting has a tendency to “burn out”. With an expected lifespan of 30,000 – 50,000 hours, LED lights last far longer than standard incandescent lamps (which average closer to 8,000 – 10,000 hours).
Incandescent lights are usually contained in a quartz or glass bulb, which can easily be damaged or broken. LED lights don’t tend to be housed in glass and are usually mounted on a circuit board, so the risk of damaging one is far lower.
Improved safety
As we mentioned earlier, traditional lightbulbs tend to be incredibly hot to touch. They can expel up to 90% of the energy they use as heat! LED lights generate virtually no heat, so they are cool to the touch even after being on for hours at a time.
Money saving
Perhaps the biggest advantage of LED lighting over its traditional counterpart is the money you can save by using them. You can reduce your energy bills by up to 90% by making the switch! With electricity prices in the UK constantly rising, LED lighting is rapidly becoming the preferred option for lighting our homes and businesses.
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