Portable Power Stations Powerpacks at Maplin

What are power stations?

Youā€™ve probably heard of power banks ā€“ handy portable power units, ideal for keeping your phone, headphones and other electronic devices charged up while youā€™re on the go. But what exactly is a power station? Maplin are here to help you with all of your portable power questions!

Portable Power Stations at Maplin

Off-grid power

Power stations, also known as powerpacks, are essentially super-sized power banks. Theyā€™re ideal for off grid outdoor activities such as glamping, cabins and market stalls. Itā€™s even possible to use them as a basic backup energy source during a power cut.


Most power stations feature multiple connectivity options, so you can keep all your devices powered up while youā€™re away from home or the office. In addition to AC and DC charging, many also include USB ports to keep everything from phones to laptops charged, wherever you are.

Portable design

Although theyā€™re far larger than power banks, power stations are still designed to be a portable power solution. They have a lightweight design, often weighing just a few kilograms, and feature handles to make them easier to carry.

Plenty of power

Ideal for everything from outdoor DIY to a luxurious glamping experience, power stations provide plenty of power. They can charge everything from cordless tools and USB fans all the way up to games consoles and music systems!

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