Desktop Computers & Laptops
Are you looking for a new computer? We have a wide selection of desktops and laptops from top brands such as ASUS, Cyberpower and Acer. So whether you’re a PC gamer looking for the highest possible performance, or you just need something for everyday internet browsing, we've got you covered.

Tablets have become one of the most popular kinds of computing device in the world, thanks to their user-friendly interfaces and versatility – whether you’re looking for a tablet to browse the web and play games on, or to have your work at your fingertips while on the move, our great selection offers something for everyone.

Ever thought of building your own computer? For many serious users, this is the best way to get a powerful machine that can be easily upgraded over time. That’s why we always stock the best possible components, including motherboards, processors, sound cards and more. If you’re a gamer, you’ll want to check out our range of high end graphics cards, including the ever-popular NVIDEA GeForce series.

More and more people are moving away from video game consoles and focussing their gaming experience entirely on the PC. Of course, as a format which can be constantly upgraded, this allows a lot of adaptability and customisation to your PC gaming experience. From Corsair and Logitech gaming keyboards and mice, ensuring the best possible control during play, to various gamepad controllers from brands such as Speedlink and Thrustmaster, there’s something to suit every need.

Hard Drives & USB Sticks
Having plenty of storage space is important on a computer. With our range of hard drives and USB sticks you can free up space on your computer and make sure that your files are safe and secure. Whether you’re a photographer who takes thousands of high-quality photographs or you have a huge collection of downloaded music and films’, storing your files on an external hard drive opens up space on your computer and keeps it working at its fastest.

If you’re looking at improving your connectivity, our range of networking solutions will be perfect for you. Whether you’re looking for faster WiFi, improved signal range or even to set up your own Local Area Network (LAN) in your home or workplace, we have plenty of options to suit your needs.

Printers & Scanners
From photo printers to all-in-one printing and scanning devices, we have something to cover your home office and creative needs. It’s also worth checking out our printer accessories to stock up on all the additional items you’ll need, including the best quality paper and labels and a huge selection of printer cartridges.

We have all the necessary computer accessories you need to get set up, including mice, keyboards and monitors. If you’re a gamer, we recommend a second monitor so you can enjoy a 2 screen set up.