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Bare Conductive Touch Board Starter Kit


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About this product


  • Bare Conductive’s interactive electronic starter kit for beginners as well as pros
  • Turn any object, surface or space into an interactive, electro-conductive sensor
  • Includes a Touch Board with 12 electrodes to trigger

Product overview

  • Bare Conductive’s interactive electronic starter kit for beginners as well as pros
  • Turn any object, surface or space into an interactive, electro-conductive sensor
  • Includes a Touch Board with 12 electrodes to trigger sounds through its pre-programmed mp3 player
  • Touch Board is compatible and programmable through the Arduino IDE
  • Includes Electric Paint which can be used to paint circuits or as a conductive adhesive
  • Electric Paint can be used on a range of materials including plastic, paper, and textiles
  • Make graphic sensors starting with an interactive wall with the included stencils

Turn anything into a sensor
The Bare Conductive Touch Board Starter Kit provides you with everything you need to turn any object, space or surface into an electronic sensor. This kit gives you all the tools to make circuits, connecting your imagination to the real world. Whether you want to use it to develop convenient and efficient ways of managing your household, or to create a fun and educational learning wall for your children, this kit is ideal. It includes the Bare Conductive Touch Board, which is the hub for all your electronic connections. With 12 electrodes, it can trigger sound through its pre-programmed mp3 player. It has capacitive touch and distance sensing and is Arduino, HID, and MIDI compatible. This gives you the opportunity to expand your board into a larger and more capable unit, turn your Touch Board into a mouse or keyboard, and even easily program it into an instrument.

Please see Touch Board for more information (code: A15YH)

Give life to everyday surfaces with Electric Paint
In this Touch Board Starter Kit, Bare Conductive have included Electric Paint as well as stencils, paper cut-outs and other helpful and fun craft tools to help you set up your first interactive electronic project. Electric Paint is electronically conductive, allowing you to paint circuits, connecting your Touch Board to surfaces and objects. You can paint your circuits freehand or use simple stencils to create a base for your creations. Once the Electric Paint is dry, it conducts electricity and brings your everyday objects to life. Thanks to the solvent-free and air-drying nature of this paint, it can be used for cold soldering, a safe, simple and convenient alternative to classic soldering. Your projects can then be controlled and triggered by touching the Electric Paint circuits, making or breaking sound, even setting off a range of other hardware like cameras or alarms.

Please see Electric Paint for more information (code:A12YH, A13YH)

Create graphic sensors with sounds
This kit comes with a mini speaker to output your sounds, songs, reminders, or whatever audio you choose to connect to your objects and surfaces. With the stencils included in the kit, you can create a graphic sensor. The stencil is the shape of a house with various familiar, noisy features, including a dog, a car in the garage, a bell and much more. Full instructions on how to setup your interactive wallpaper are provided, and it won’t take long for you to be setting off a barking dog by simply touching his painted silhouette. Once you’ve built your interactive 2D house, you can delve further into the world of the Touch Board, with project ideas from Bare Conductive.

Starter Project 1 – Interactive wall:

Starter Project 2 - Bring your home to life:

Starter Project 3 - Large scale sensors:



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Package Contents:

1x Touch board
1x Electric paint 10ml tube
1x Electric paint 50ml jar
1x Guidebook
1x Micro SD card
1x MicroSD card reader
1x Micro USB cable
1x Mini speaker
12x Alligator clips
1x Stencil
1x Stencil brush
12x Sticky tabs
3x Velcro stickers
2x Paper cutouts

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Product Specifications

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