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MAKERbuino DIY Retro Games Console


About this product


  • MAKERbuino Standard retro gaming kit to build your own games console
  • Highly educational device that makes learning new skills exciting and rewarding
  • Pre-loaded 128MB SD card with several classic games including Pac-man and Space Invaders

Product overview

  • Retro Gaming Kit to build your own games console from MAKERbuino
  • Highly educational device that makes learning new skills exciting and rewarding
  • Pre-loaded 128MB SD card with several classic games including Pac-man and Space Invaders
  • Programmable, hackable, and expandable software and hardware
  • Learn to solder and program microelectronics as well as many other STEM skills
  • Easily charge the single cell LiPo with micro USB charging cable
  • Features a 0.5W speaker and a 3.5mm headphone connector
  • Fully customisable so you can personalise your MAKERbuino
  • Compatible with Arduino and Gamebuino with access to a vast games library and the MAKERbuino community

N.B.  Colours and style may vary from those shown

Make your own retro games console
MAKERbuino Standard comes as a kit with everything you need to assemble your very own games console. Inside the kit, you’ll find the MAKERbuino circuit board, a long lasting rechargeable battery, laser cut casing, all the electronic components you’ll need and much more to create your basic MAKERbuino console. You will need a small number of basic tools and equipment to build your console including a soldering iron, solder, wire cutters, an M3 fitting screwdriver and strong adhesive. This kit is an ideal starter project for a maker wanting to use and expand their solder skills, but also suitable for complete beginners who want to challenge themselves in the field of STEM.

Develop your STEM skills
The skills you’ll learn and develop with MAKERbuino are surprisingly vast and interlink across several different fields. The MAKERbuino is suitable for anyone over the age of 11 who wants to explore the world of microelectronics. This kit was made to be easily assembled, but as soldering is required, the minimum age of 11 with the guidance of an adult is recommended. If you’ve never soldered before then this kit can teach you quite advanced skills; if you have soldered before, then the MAKERbuino will help you build on those skills as well as learn new ones. The kit takes approximately one and a half hours to fully assemble, but this will vary depending on your level of experience. Following the build instructions step-by-step will ensure you assemble your MAKERbuino with ease. This console makes you aware of electronic components and how they connect and work. You will get up close and personal with the basics of digital electronics.

Modify and hack your MAKERbuino
The MAKERbuino Standard has been designed to be hacked. One of the most exciting skills the MAKERbuino will teach you is the function of microcontrollers and how to program them in C/C++. The MAKERbuino Standard kit gives you the opportunity to grow in knowledge and expand your console’s software and hardware. You will be able to stretch your MAKERbuino’s capabilities with expansion modules, making your MAKERbuino much more than just a console. The Gamebuino community is a place where creativity in tech is not only encouraged but it’s part and parcel of the DIY electronics world. The Gamebuino community provides plenty of inspiration for how you can modify and hack your console. Whether you want to turn your console into a robot car, connect a GPS module to control your drone or simply add and control an assortment of LEDs, the MAKERbuino will support and facilitate it.

Discover retro games from yesteryear
The MAKERbuino has resurrected retro gaming. Perhaps your love for lining up blocks in Tetris and shooting down aliens in Space Invaders spans the decades, or maybe retro gaming is brand new to you. Whatever your knowledge of this world, retro gaming opens its doors to you. The MAKERbuino Standard comes pre-loaded with several games to keep you entertained for a while, however when you want to find more and learn more about the Gamebuino community, you have full access to the Gamebuino website. This includes a vast, open source games library, very thorough how-to guides, lots of tips and tricks, a forum to discuss your MAKERbuino experiences and ideas with other makers and much more. Despite the MAKERbuino games being very different to contemporary ones, the educational ventures of the retro console are what make it incredibly unique. The MAKERbuino offers the chance to develop new skills and create something extremely gratifying. This maker console encourages you to share your skills, not only with the maker community but with family and friends. Concepts in coding, programming, hardware expansion and lots more can all be explored through this clever, handheld console.

Customise your console
Along with the vast opportunity to modify and hack your MAKERbuino, you can also make your console unique with personal customisations. As all seven of the push buttons have replaceable caps, you can choose and change different shapes and colours to match your own style. Whether you’d like little green, round button caps or a mismatch of square navigation button caps with round action button caps, you can decide. The MAKERbuino has been designed to give you full reign over your own games console, and to help facilitate this, the Gamebuino website and forums provide you with explanations of how to create unique casings for your MAKERbuino. You can design CNC cut or 3D printed casing, with the only limit being your imagination.

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1x Fully assembled MAKERbuino unit
1x 128MB SD card loaded with games
1x USB-TTL programmer board

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