Swann Pro Series 15m CCTV Video and Power Cable


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About this product


  • 2-in-1 CCTV cable
  • Extend the distance to your cameras
  • White cable

Product overview

• 2-in-1 CCTV cable
• Extend the distance to your cameras
• White cable

What does this cable do?
This Swann Pro Series cable provides both power and video to your CCTV cameras through a single cable.

The Swann Pro cables are double shielded with aluminium foil insulation. The 75-ohm cable is RG59 co-ax, which is weather resistant to withstand harsh conditions. The standard BNC connection is a push-and-twist style connection, which is tight locking, making the connection secure so you can’t accidentally disconnect it.

Supplied with a female to female BNC adapter, this cable can be used either to replace an existing cable, or to extend one that is already in place. The DC power connections are male to female as standard, and will fit straight on to any existing cables you already have.




RG59 Co-Ax


Connector A:

BNC Male to Male

Connector B:

2.5mm DC Jack Male to Female


Cable Length:


Cable Colour:



Package Contents:

1x Swann Pro Series 15m CCTV Cable
1x BNC Female to Female Adapter

Product Specifications

Adapter Included: