The Franzis Arduino Tutorial Kit


About this product


  • Contains the versatile Arduino Uno development board
  • 70 great projects to create using the kit contents
  • Includes 20 electronic components

Product overview

• Contains the versatile Arduino Uno development board
• 70 great projects to create using the kit contents
• Includes 20 electronic components
• A 282 page project manual contains everything you need to get your experiments up and running
• Ideal way to develop your programming skills and learn to design your own experiments
• Can be extended using most Arduino accessories

Why pick the Arduino Uno Tutorial Kit?
The Arduino UNO Tutorial kit uses an Arduino Uno board at its core, this is a great starter kit for all levels of experience and all ages 14+. This tutorial kit contains a genuine licensed Arduino board and a comprehensive manual getting you started in programing, coding and experimenting, making it a great way to introduce Arduino to anyone.

What is Arduino?
Arduino is an inexpensive tool for developing interactive objects that can detect various inputs and sensors, to control a variety of lights, motors, or other physical outputs. It’s an open-source physical platform based on a simple microcontroller board to which you can write software to control the board and elements that are attached.

What experiments can I do?
The project manual contains 282 pages of ideas and programming knowhow to create 70 projects. The manual comes with clear step by step instructions to program and build all of the experiments and more helpful advice.

Some of the basic tutorials provided consist of: a simple game, a stopwatch, an LED dimmer, twilight switch, fan control, timer clock. Once you have mastered the basics you can move onto more advanced projects like: keypad lock, temperature switch, Music with the Arduino, storage oscilloscope, composing melodies and many more.

What skills will I learn?
The Arduino UNO Tutorial kit guides through starting to program with Arduino to more complex ideas ideal for everyone from beginners to those looking at starting their own experiments. There is no soldering involved as the kits experiments are created using a breadboard and wire allowing for repeat projects and experimenting. This is a great way to introduce those new to electronics how to create a circuit but allows those with more knowledge the freedom to add and customise their projects.

Using a coding languages called C/C++, these skills easily translate to most general software languages, so with this you’ll be learning a lot more than electronics.

Where can I go next?
Once you have become familiar with the Arduino programing and build you can start experimenting on your own. The Arduino UNO SND board has 14 digital input/output pins and 6 analogue inputs allowing plenty of room to add on and create. Keep adding and designing with the Arduino accessories and shields.

* Requires an USB A-B Lead (not included) *


Main Content
Arduino UNO SMD board 1
Project manual 285 pages
Mini Breadboard 170 point (85 per side)
Components included
Push buttons 1
light sensor LDR A9060-13 2
NPN transistor BC548C 1
silicon diode 1N4148 1
Resistors 1.5 kΩ 1
Resistors 4.7 kΩ 3
Resistors 10 kΩ 1
Resistors 47 kΩ 1
Resistors 68 kΩ 1
Trim potentiometer 10 kΩ PT10 1
Capacitor 1 µF 1
Piezo buzzer 1
Yellow LED 1
Red LED 2
Green LED 1
Insulated hook-up wire 1 m