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Tibo Bond Mini Wireless Audio Receiver - Black


About this product


  • Enables wireless audio streaming to systems without WiFi connectivity
  • Turn your home entertainment setup into smart audio
  • Connects to your audio output device via the 3.5mm line in cable

Product overview

  • Enables wireless audio streaming to systems without WiFi connectivity
  • Turn your home entertainment setup including legacy music systems into smart audio
  • Connect your mobile device via WiFi, Bluetooth, or the included Micro USB cable
  • Connects to your audio output device via the included 3.5mm line in cable
  • Allows you to upgrade passive speakers to multiroom speakers
  • Control your Tibo Bond with the free Tibo app
  • Designed and developed in the UK

Turn static music systems into smart audio
The Tibo Bond is a mini wireless audio receiver, which connects to your music devices such as non-Bluetooth and non-WiFi enabled speakers and amplifiers, and allows you wirelessly to stream your audio to them. The Bond Audio Receiver connects to your audio devices and music systems that can’t directly interact with your streaming devices on their own. You can then connect your mobile devices via WiFi or Bluetooth to the Bond. This audio receiver is perfect for upgrading older music devices in your home, and turning them into smart devices. The Tibo Bond will pick up on one connection if the other is too weak to maintain consistent streaming.

Multi-Place, Multi-Play
With the Bond Audio Receiver, you can connect Bluetooth or WiFi enabled speakers with your static and legacy audio players, speakers and HiFi systems. This enables you to experience multi-place technology by streaming the same audio through to different speakers, extending your audio output to different rooms around your house. With the Tibo Bond, you can also multi-play your audio. All under one remote control with the Tibo app, you can stream one type of audio to one music system, and a separate stream to speakers in a separate part of the building. This is ideal for reviving older music systems, and connecting them to Bluetooth devices to extend your entire home audio setup. 

Control and customise with the Tibo app
The Tibo app puts you in control of your audio. It is free to download in the Appstore and Google Play and has being designed with an easy-to-use interface. You can name all your music systems and speakers, and directly control what audio streams to which system at any given time. The Tibo Bond Audio Receiver ensures that the music management is completely in your hands. Along with the Tibo app, it enables you to enjoy a completely customisable experience. No matter what your audio needs are or what lifestyle you have, this Tibo receiver will make your audio smarter. 



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Package Contents:

1x Tibo Bond Mini Audio Receiver
1x USB lead
1x Quick Start Guide



Audio Receiver

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