Turn on living

There is more to lighting than illumination. Philips Hue is the personal wireless lighting system for your connected home. You can control your lights using your voice, smart device or a Philips Hue switch. As long as you have internet connection, the Hue app will also allow you to control your lights from anywhere in the world.

Turn on your imagination

There are limitless possibilities to turn your everyday lighting into an extraordinary experience. Choose from 16 million colours and extend your TV viewing experience to the whole room or lift your gaming experience to the next level using a third party app.

Turn on your peace of mind

Philips Hue welcomes you home and lets you control your lights whether you are at home or away. It even makes it seem like you're home when you#39;re not.

Turn on your moments

Philips Hue helps you feel better with natural white light for any moment of your day, from sunrise to sunset. Philips Hue can wake you up and help you feel energised, read, concentrate and relax.

The Philips Hue App

Designed around you, your home and your everyday life. Control all lights in your rooms at the same time, set and dim your lights individually for the optimal ambiance, instantly change your room with the recommended color palette and turn your daily routines into moments you can enjoy.