Xtorm SolarBooster 21W Panel

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Xtorm SolarBooster 21W Panel

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21 Watts SunPower® panel

Output: USB-C 15W / USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 12W

LCD screen with Ampere output

Temperature control chip prevents overheating

Automatically balances the power over attached devices

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Xtorm SolarBooster 21W Panel


This Xtorm SolarBooster 21W Panel enables you to easily use solar energy to charge your devices, anywhere you go. The SolarBooster uses high yield SunPower® cells to charges your devices extra fast. Thanks to these very efficient cells there is minimal loss of energy during the charging process, and they even function on a cloudy day! The LCD display shows the current Ampere output of the solar panel.

Mobile devices can be connected directly to the solar panel via USB and USB-C. It’s even possible to use the SolarBooster 21 Watts to charge two devices, such as a smartphone and an Xtorm power bank, at the same time. Because the SolarBooster has a high output it’s able to charge devices extra quickly.

Thanks to the practical design and the carabiner that’s included, the SolarBooster 21 Watts panel can be easily fixed on a backpack, tent or bicycle. When the solar panel is not is use it’s easy to fold up and take with you. The material that’s used is strong, flexible and waterproof.

Xtorm incorporates the latest SunPower® technology, these are the best solar panels available on the consumer market.

This Xtorm Solar Booster is provided with SunPower® solar panels boasting the industry’s highest solar efficiency ensuring the least possible loss of energy during the charging process.

The Xtorm 21 Watts Solar Charger is provided with the APM-chip. This means that this Solar Booster automatically balances the correct charging speed and efficiently divides the power between the attached devices.

Xtorm mobile chargers protect the battery of the attached mobile device from overcharging.

All Xtorm Solar Boosters are provided with a temperature control chip that prevents overheating.

The Xtorm APM-chip automatically balances the power over the attached devices to prevent overcharging or overheating.